Family searches for answers on missing Muskegon County mother

Posted at 3:00 PM, Dec 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-26 17:17:42-05

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich.--A West Michigan family is searching for answers after they say one of their family members disappeared. Bobbie Maples has been missing for nearly two weeks now and her family has no leads.

"I hate to jump to conclusions but I feel that if she's found I fear that it's going to be in the worst situation," said her brother, Daniel Maples.

Maples disappeared on December 15, just 11 days after giving birth to a baby girl.

"I feel that something has happened to her to the point where she cannot reach out and contact her family. Like I said, this is out of her character," Daniel Maples said.

Bobbie Maples does have a rough past. Her family says she was addicted to drugs and her criminal record shows several drug arrests, theft and property damage. Her brother, Daniel, says just before Bobbie disappeared she had changed her ways.

"Bobbie has had a rocky past and she was looking very forward to a bright new future with her baby and she had been staying clean and she had been holding down a job. She was going forward with her life and was very excited about that," Daniel Maples said.

But there's something Bobbie may have been hiding from her family. Friends says she placed an ad on, a website to solicit all kinds of services, including sex.

"A couple of her friends said that a guy from Ohio had contacted her, a guy from out of state in Texas had contacted her and a couple of people in Muskegon had contacted her," said Shawn Williams, a man who calls himself Bobbie Maples' boyfriend.

Robert Smith was also one of the last people to talk to Bobbie Maples. He wouldn't go on camera with us, but we spoke with him by phone about his last interaction with the 32-year-old.

"She was going to go up the hospital to see her daughter and then she was going to have a friend pick her up, go to the store, get some groceries and go back and make some lunch and go back to the hospital after that when he went to work," Smith said. "I should have her from her several times every day."

Roosevelt Park Police say they are investigating Bobbie's case. She's listed as a missing person on their website and they are following leads.