Car mechanic bringing Christmas to the Orphans

Posted at 9:53 AM, Dec 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-22 09:47:00-05

A car mechanic is paying it forward this Christmas to orphan children. He’s raising money to bring Christmas to those that wouldn’t normally get a Christmas, and he’s doing it right from his garage.

A greasy car garage isn’t the first place you would normally think to look for the spirit of Christmas, but that’s exactly where it’s coming from. Arnold’s Garage has been fixing cars since 2012, but this holiday season they’re looking to heal the hearts of children who are less fortunate.

Bill Arnold, Vice President of Arnold’s Garage was diagnosed with lung cancer and it’s given him a change of heart.

“The world doesn’t have to be an ugly place,” said Arnold. “We can make it better one dollar at a time people.”

Bill heard about children in an orphanage not getting any presidents this Christmas, so he decided to raise $100 between him and his friends to buy gifts for the children.

Bill and his friends beat the goal, raising over $1,000. Now, he’s inviting you to help, asking for the season of giving to continue even after Christmas.

You can help Bill by calling Arnold’s Garage in Rockford and he’ll direct you in donating to his orphan Christmas fund.