‘It’s like a Christmas bonus:’ Drivers hope $1.99/gal gas sticks around

Posted at 11:53 PM, Dec 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-16 23:53:14-05

GREENVILLE, Mich. -- Drivers are experiencing different kind of sticker shock, the kind we just might all be able to get used to, as the price for a gallon of gasoline fell below $2 in West Michigan on Tuesday.

Drivers in Greenville were treated to $1.99/gallon Tuesday at several stations, the first time prices of regular unleaded have been that low in Michigan since 2009.

For drivers who spoke with FOX 17, you could say Christmas came a little early this year.

“It’s like a Christmas bonus for everybody, and I'm thankful, because I'm a meter reader for Consumers Energy, so I pay for my own gas," said Melissa Thomas. “I actually took a picture of the sign because I couldn’t believe it.”

Other drivers thought, why just stop at filling up their cars?

“I’m thinking I might go get my gas cans at home and fill them up, too," said Amy Stout.

At one point Tuesday afternoon, showed six different stations in Greenville posting the $1.99 a gallon price, making it the cheapest gas in the entire state. Tuesday evening, a handful of stations in Lowell also fell below $2 a gallon.

“Now that rocks, that’s awesome," said Edna Kelley as she filled up her tank for under $25.

"The last time I saw that, I can't remember."

Overall, drivers say the timing couldn't be better, proving the falling prices could wind up spelling a happier holiday.

“This is actually helping me with gas for the holidays so I can travel to my relatives," Stout said, "anything you can do to help out your budget at a time when you’re spending extra money is the way to go.”

Interestingly enough, Greenville was the site of the cheapest gas in the entire United States in mid-October when prices were hovering around $2.55 a gallon.

The statewide average for gas in Michigan stands at $2.39 a gallon, but that continues to fall, according to data. The average at Grand Rapids-area pumps is closer to $2.29 a gallon.