Cass County deputies arrest suspects in armed robbery

Posted at 9:22 AM, Dec 13, 2014

CASS COUNTY, Mich.–Deputies arrested three people days after an armed robbery occurred at a gas station.

According to the Cass County Sheriff, a gunman walked into the Marathon Gas Station on M-60 and demanded money from the cashier Wednesday afternoon. The suspect ran off, but employees were able to get a description of the suspect, as well as a vehicle involved in the robbery.

Deputies say that on Friday, an employee spotted a suspicious vehicle believed to be connected with the robbery and called 911. During that time, a customer confronted a person in the parking lot hiding near the corner of the store. The suspicious person then fled in the vehicle.

A short time later, the vehicle was found and three people were arrested. They were taken to the Cass County Jail.

All three suspects are from Elkhart, Indiana. Their names have not yet been released.