Beating addiction: Van Buren County men graduate from drug court program

Posted at 10:44 PM, Dec 12, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-12 23:26:21-05

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. -- It was a day of redemption for seven men who spent years of their lives abusing drugs and alcohol.

"Well, I've used meth for probably 10, 12 years," Levi Newcomb, 27, said.

Newcomb's life took a dark turn at just 15 years old. He said a friend introduced him to meth while living in Decatur, in Van Buren county.

"Nothing ever comes good out of using (drugs)," he said.

In October 2009, his addiction nearly cost him his life. At 22 years old, the mobile home Newcomb lived in exploded. The Van Buren County Sheriff's Department found remnants of a meth lab.

Newcomb suffered severe burns to his body. His scars serve as a painful reminder. Despite this traumatic experience. He didn't quit. In October 2011, he got caught with meth again.

"Rather than going to prison. I'd rather be free," he said.

Newcomb faced up to 4 years in prison. Instead he plead, got 3 years probation and was warned not to touch meth again.

Friday, the 27-year-old found himself back in court. A place he had been before. But this time, he and his family wanted to be there.

He was there for a joyous occasion. Newcomb graduated from the county's "Drug Treatment Court Program." Along with probation, the program was his only other alternative to prison time.

Watch the video for more on his comeback story.