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The lowest prices are not on Black Friday nor Cyber Monday

Posted at 10:00 AM, Dec 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-10 11:56:00-05

So you didn't want to fight the insane crowds on Thanksgiving night? And you didn't have all day Cyber Monday to shop for online deals?

No need to stress.

December Brings Lower Prices on Most Items

Despite the madness at stores over Thanksgiving weekend, the good news is those were not necessary the best days for finding the lowest prices, according to a new survey by, which analyzed sales at hundreds of stores over the past five years.

Black Friday never had the lowest prices overall in its survey.

When to Buy

  • Small Gifts:  The survey found the lowest prices for novelty gifts (snow globes and other stocking stuffers) is December 15th.
  • Toys: Toy stores tend to have their lowest price on December 8th (though those hot-selling Disney Frozen dolls will probably be gone: do not wait for a lower price on Frozen dolls and dresses)
  • Clothing: The lowest prices for clothing, not including online Cyber Monday deals, is December 11, followed by December 18.  Clothing prices fall right up until Christmas, though what you find in the final days tends to be picked over, with popular sizes sold out.
  • Electronics: Unfortunately, this is one area where you missed the rock-bottom prices. The report says the lowest prices on electronics was November 1, followed by Black Friday.  In addition, many of the hottest items, such as $75 Beats headphones, are now sold out at most stores. What that means is that If you still want a big screen HDTV and did not get one over the Black Friday weekend, your best bet may be waiting for January Super Bowl sales.

Good News for Procrastinators

But for just about everything besides electronics, prices will drop one more time in mid-December.

The final weekend before Christmas will bring some final price slashing on clothing, though two warnings: the Saturday before Christmas is the busiest day of the year at shopping malls.

And you may find the clothing you want is only in small and XXL by then.

And that way you don't waste your money.