FOX 17 takes a cocktail class with New Holland

Posted at 10:18 PM, Nov 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-05 22:20:40-05

WEST MICHIGAN -- Sean Stark of New Holland Brewing walks FOX 17's Christian Frank through the steps for making their Barrel Aged Gin Flip cocktail.

2 oz. Barrel Aged Knickerbocker Gin
1 egg white or equivalent of pasteurized egg whites
.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
.75 oz. simple syrup
A dash of Nutmeg

1.  Combine Gin, Egg White, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup into a cocktail shaker
2.  Add 1/2 of a shaker tin of ice.
3.  Shake vigorously for 30 seconds, strain the ingredients, and toss the ice.
4.  Close shaker and shake ingredients vigorously for another 30 seconds (Dry Shake).
5.  Pour into a chilled Coupe glass or Rocks Glass.
6.  Sprinkle Nutmeg over the drink.