New details in father-daughter deaths, causes revealed

Posted at 10:45 PM, Oct 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-14 22:45:14-04

HOLLAND TWP, Mich.- A father and daughter, were found dead nearly 100 miles apart earlier this month; police ruled the daughter’s death a homicide, but stopped short of calling this case a murder-suicide.

Tuesday FOX 17 learned Stacey Grotenhuis, 31, died from lacerations and a stab wound to the neck.

Her father, 59-year-old Gary Volkers, died from a gunshot wound, though police are still not revealing where he was shot.

Volkers was found a short distance from his truck in LeRoy Township in Osceola County, early on Oct. 5.

His daughter was found dead in the condo they shared later that day in Holland Township.

Police say evidence from Volkers’ crime scene led them to his daughter.

Grotenhuis had just moved back to Holland which is just one layer of why investigators say this case is so complex and police are still stopping short of calling this a murder-suicide. They’re labeling Volkers’ death ‘suspicious.’

The funeral of Stacey Grotenhuis was held on Sunday. Gary Volkers’ friends and family held a private service.