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Land Campaign responds to “anti-mom” attacks

Posted at 12:35 PM, Oct 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-10 17:07:20-04

MICHIGAN – Terri Lynn Land’s campaign for U.S. Senate is calling on U.S. Rep. Gary Peters and his supporters to denounce what the Land campaign says are anti-woman attacks aimed at the Republican.

“I learned that Congressman Peters campaign and allies took to Twitter for being a mom and framing it around important policy matters through the lens as a parent,” Land explained. “I was offended.  I mean, Congressman Peters went too far. But I’m not shocked by this.”

The Land campaign points to a series of tweets sent by a Peters campaign staffer and supporters earlier this week, aimed at comments Land made about being a mother.

Haley Morris, Peters campaign spokeswoman, told FOX 17 the campaign is not targeting Land for being a mother, and points to a Twitter exchange with Land campaign spokeswoman Heather Swift.

Swift tweeted, “It’s interesting: Being a mother is apparently a bad thing according to MI dems.” Morris replied, “Nope. But its (sic) an odd pivot when not talking about how to address ISIS.”

Polls have consistently shown Peters leading Land, particularly when it comes to support from female voters.

Rep. Peters told FOX 17 his polling success is due to his support on “issues women care about.”

“They care about equal pay for equal work,” Peters said.  “Women should stand up for that and be entitled to it. I’ve also talked about reproductive freedom, as well as reproductive rights. I’m a firm believer that a boss should not determine what sort of reproductive health choices a woman makes.”

On the issue of equal pay, Land issued a statement in August saying she does support the Equal Pay Act and accused Peters of paying his female staffers 67 cents on the dollar compared to what male staffers earn.

Official PortraitTo address the claims, Land held a press call Friday with Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R- N.H.) and National Republican Committeewoman Ronna Romney McDaniel.

The trio discussed what the Land Campaign has called anti-mother and sexist remarks directed at Land by the Peters Campaign and his supporters.

“With the First Lady in Michigan today, we certainly admire Mrs. Obama as a great mom for raising her daughters under unimaginable pressure…I certainly believe, that Mrs. Obama would not condone the rhetoric that we’ve heard that is being used against Terri Lynn Land in terms of her role as a mom and how that would inform her decision making in the U.S. Senate,” said Sen. Ayotte.

Romney McDaniel echoed the senator’s comments, adding that the attacks are not unique.

“Recent attacks from the Peters campaign and even the media are absurd and sexist,” said Romney McDaniel. “This is not the first time a strong conservative woman has come under fire from the left. In 2012, my aunt, Ann Romney, was criticized by Democrat strategist romney mcdanielHillary Rosen for being a stay-at-home mom, choosing to

raise 5 boys.”

Sen. Ayotte is expected to join Land on the campaign trail next week.