Annual ‘Kids’ ArtFest’ rocks out on Sunday in downtown Grand Rapids

Posted at 8:26 PM, Sep 28, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Singing with soul beyond their years, young performers with the Piano Cottage of Grand Rapids entertained even the adults atthe Grand Rapids Children's Museum'sannual Kid's ArtFest on Sunday.

"The touring ensemble at the Piano Cottage is an elite group of students who had the opportunity focus more on performing outside of just their basic recital requirements. So, they have formed a band called 'Fire Alarm,'" said Director Kathy Gibson.

Not only were there 15 different art stations with opportunities to sculpt, paint, and design their own jewelry, but these kids are also raising money to fund music education.

"We also help represent the Crescendo Foundation, which is a non-profit arm of the Piano Cottage. We help raise money to provide private music lessons for kids who can't otherwise afford it," said Gibson.

The Grand Rapids Children's Museum has been hosting several events throughout ArtPrize, with special discounted entry fees and art workshops.

"Kids have been walking around looking at art all day. They can come here and actually make some of their own," said Adrienne Brown with the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.

The Grand Rapids Children's Museum will offer a $1.50 entry fee on Thursday, October 2nd, after 5 p.m.