Murder charge dropped against father of Baby Kate

Posted at 12:44 PM, Sep 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-15 12:49:09-04


LUDINGTON, Mich. — A murder charge was dropped Monday against Sean Phillips in the case of his daughter Katherine Phillips, known as ‘Baby Kate,’ according to sources.

It comes after his preliminary hearing last July.  A judge said he would wait to make a decision to determine if there would be enough evidence for the case to go to trial. 

Monday, sources confirmed the murder charge in the case was dropped. 

He has already been convicted of the unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping so he cannot be recharged, said a source.  Phillips was only charged at this time with open murder.  The unlawful imprisonment has been upheld on appeal. 

Phillips is already serving time behind bars for unlawful imprisonment, after fleeing with Kate after an argument with her mother.

Five months ago, the defense requested analysis of a handwritten letter allegedly wrote by Phillips from prison. In the letter prosecutors say he made admissions about leaving Kate in a “peaceful place.”

On July 24th, the prosecution said it confirmed the letter had Phillips’ DNA on it and a handwriting expert confirmed it was his writing.

That letter was a big piece of debate. The prosecution said it included admissions but the defense called it a confession, something that under court law requires enough independent corroborating evidence to be admitted.

Defense attorney David Glancy says the letter and statements from a former inmate behind bars with Phillips should be admissible because they are a confession, “just not the confession the people want.” “All of those things are a confession, they’re a confession at most to manslaughter, the people don’t like that argument they want it be murder.”

Prosecutors though say the “admissions” in the letter including that Phillips set Baby Kate in a “peaceful place” can be used in “totality” with other evidence and testimony to show Phillips is responsible for murdering Baby Kate.

“He admits he never tried to help which I would say to the court are not the actions of an innocent man,” said Michigan assistant Attorney General Donna Pendergast.

After three years Baby Kate’s body still hasn’t been found even after several ground searches across Mason County. It’s a case that has touched many across the community and state, one the judge noted was difficult, for “many reasons.”

“Other means have been extensively searched out, extensive searches of counties, extensive investigations of the adoption angle those have been all ruled out by the police. Take the defendants statement coupled with all of the evidence I would suggest there is sufficient evidence to bind this over on an open murder charge,” said Pendergast.

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