Court documents reveal details leading up to former radio DJ’s arrest

Posted at 6:17 PM, Sep 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-11 20:28:53-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- We're learning more about the days leading up to and after the arrest of former Christian radio DJ, John Balyo.

"If it all goes south, you'll know what to do."

According to recently released court documents, it was one of the many cryptic messages the former WCSG radio host spoke to his friend.

Authorities say that friend claimed to have had a two-year relationship with Balyo until Balyo got married earlier this year.

Before allegations of molesting young boys and child porn came to light in June, court documents revealed Balyo asked his friend to hold onto his computer.

That friend told detectives he wasn't aware of any plans to destroy the computer, but that he never really understood what Balyo would talk about sometimes. He claimed Balyo never told him where he worked.

The papers go on to state that after police arrested Balyo at the Big Ticket Christian Music Festival in June, the former DJ called WCSG's general manager from jail and asked him to break into his car, get a slip of paper and call his friend.

Instead, detectives retrieved the paper.

The case started when investigators linked Balyo to Ronald Moser through a child porn website and discovered his connection with young boys.

Detectives also searched Balyo's storage unit and found a bondage kit. Both he and Moser are in jail on several criminal sexual conduct charges.

Balyo faces up to 50 years behind bars for pleading guilty to federal child porn charges.

He's expected to be sentenced in November.