Gearing up for Michigan’s longest garage sale

Posted at 1:25 PM, Aug 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-07 16:28:33-04

WEST MICHIGAN.,–“Michigan’s longest garage sale” is getting ready for another year. It runs along US-12 Heritage Trail stretching more than 200 miles from New Buffalo to Detroit and now in its 11th year, organizers say it only continues to grow with more people getting involved.

More than 100 people have registered this year and organizers say some even have community wide sales. You might also be surprised on what you can find, one year one shopper picked up a coffin for $35. Organizers say there is everything from antiques to fresh garden produce and furniture and at some spots you may even come across live entertainment.

The garage sale runs from Friday August 8th-10th. For more information and a look at some exact locations: