Police, preparation, and a whistle save kayaker lost in fog

Posted at 5:17 AM, Jul 31, 2014

HOLLAND, Mich. —  A kayaker who found himself lost in heavy fog on Lake Michigan, was able to guide rescue crews to his location by being prepared from the get-go.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Ottawa County Marine Patrol went out to Holland, where a 42-year-old man reported he was lost somewhere south of the pier.  The kayaker, who was from the east side of the state, was headed toward Saugatuck when the fog grew too thick for navigation.

It was fortunate enough that he had a cell phone with him, but another item he brought helped rescue crews locate him in the low visibility:  a whistle.

A marine deputy began searching the area, using his siren to signal his location to the kayaker.  The kayaker then blew his whistle, and they were able to converge on each other.  The marine officer brought the man safely back to shore.

The kayaker also had a life vest along with his cell phone and whistle.