Democrats release new video of GOP ‘spying’

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jul 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-23 20:36:11-04

MICHIGAN - The Michigan Democratic Party is revealing more evidence of what it says is Republican spying.

It comes after the MDP released video last week that featured two Michigan GOP operatives at a fundraiser for Democratic candidate for governor, Mark Schauer.

While both Democrats and Republicans expect trackers at political events, the MDP calls the latest tactics ‘dirty tricks.’

According to the MDP, there were more than seven hours of video on a card found at a union hall in Oakland County.

This time, the MDP released video it says shows the ‘spies’ in training.

If these videos seem familiar, they are, but to a point.

During the 2012 presidential race, Republican Mitt Romney was caught on camera making what’s now known as the “47 percent comments.”

The major difference, however, is that video was taken by a waiter who became incensed at what was being said at a private event.

Michigan Democrats argue what’s happening in this state is being orchestrated from Republican Party leadership.

Darren Littell, the MI GOP communications director, says tracking candidates is normal and something that’s common among both parties.

He points to videos featuring Kevin Hrit, a Democratic Party operative, who was caught on camera urging party members to attend events hosted by Republicans.

“I've been super impressed by this project that the party is putting together, the accountability project,” Hrit said. “Most of our campaigns - congressional level, senate level, gubernatorial level - we'll have people going out to events and making sure we know where our Republican opponents stand on the issue. This is the first time that we've attempted, as a Democratic organization, to have people going out and getting these Republicans when they're saying crazy stuff.”

A spokesman for the Michigan Democratic Party tells FOX 17 sending trackers to GOP events is commonplace.

"Both parties track each other and attend each other’s public events," said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Josh Pugh. "What's new here is Republican trackers are taking things to extreme levels, wearing fancy spy glasses - but they seem more adept at getting tangled in their own technology."