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Holland Store Sells High-End Hotel Furniture for a Discount

Posted at 4:26 AM, Jun 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-09 10:21:54-04

Hotel Furniture Outlet, 148 S. Waverly Rd.

HOLLAND, Mich. (June 9, 2014) — Not everyone has the ability to update their home furnishings every seven years, but that’s roughly the time span that four and five-star hotels follow, according to Don Wiersma of Hotel Furniture Outlet (HFO) also known as Hotel Furniture Liquidators (HFL).

In 2003, Don’s parents, Jon and Helen Wiersma, started a Phoenix, Ariz., business that focused on selling everything from pictures and coffee makers to lavish couches and desks that upscale hotels and resorts were liquidating after renovations. When the couple relocated to Holland, they opened the same type of store at 148 S. Waverly Road, which is beneficial for people who have lakeshore cottages and rentals. Because the furnishings are commercial quality, HFO is very popular among assisted living facilities, which need furniture that can stand the test of time.

I was amazed at the quality and modern styles available and almost forgot that the items were used. Gorgeous, modern small sleeper sofas in bright reds and sage greens for only $99! Not to mention, lamps for $10, along with desks for roughly $40 and wall art starting at just $1.00! If you don’t like the pictures, keep in mind that the frames are worth quite a lot. You can also get gorgeous, big mirrors starting for around $20. When college students head back this fall, HFO is definitely one of those places you will want to check out.

One of the most popular items at HFO? Their mattresses! Some think, “Isn’t it illegal to sell used mattresses?” No. As stated on their website, “Rest assured that we are not part of an underground used mattress trade! It is illegal to recover a used mattress, or combine parts from different used mattresses and advertise it as ‘new.’ Therefore, HFO does not recover used mattresses, and it is perfectly legal to advertise and sell used mattresses.” Everything undergoes intense sanitizing, Wiersma added.

If you’ve been to a quality hotel and really liked the bed, tell the fine staff at HFO and they most likely will have that exact mattress; new shipments arrive often.

Are you more in the market for new furniture? HFO carries that, too! Many of the items are everything from a company’s overstock to something that was just simply ordered for a photo shoot.

This place is a must see!

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. -8 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. -5 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

For more information, call (616)396-5463. Also, to get a deal out there for West Michigan shoppers, email