Body of Pullman Woman Found Concealed By Brick Wall Near Camper

Posted at 8:28 PM, Jun 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-06 20:28:08-04

PULLMAN, Mich.  (June 6, 2014) A young woman is found dead behind a partially built brick wall outside of a camper in rural Allegan County.

The Allegan County Sheriff’s Office said the woman had clear signs of trauma and they are treating it as a suspicious death.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Juan, was taken to the hospital with a hand injury shortly after law enforcement arrived at the address at 5585 Laraway Ave this morning.

Deputies say they got the call that a body was discovered in the yard at around 8:10 am Friday.

When they arrived they found the young woman near that brick wall, partially concealed.

Friends have confirmed the young woman’s name, but authorities are requesting we don’t release it Friday evening as her father is traveling and hasn’t been notified.

Those who know the family said he is in Mexico visiting other family members.

Scott Matice with the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office says the young woman lived with her boyfriend in a camper behind the house at that address.

She was found in the yard area near that camper, not clearly visible from the road.

Neighbors say they are stunned by the events.

“There was state cop, sheriff, three ambulances, we didn’t know what was going on,” said Alejandra Garcia. “You never see any cops. You never see ambulances.”

Crime scene investigators were pouring through her camper where friends say her boyfriend Juan also lived.

“The body was placed in an area where there was some bricks in front of it,” said Scott Matice, Allegan County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators want to know if she was intentionally placed there to cover up a crime.

They were also still waiting to talk to her boyfriend Friday afternoon.

Officials said he was taken away with a non-life threatening laceration to his hand.

“What I was told, he was sedated at the hospital, so no statements have been taken at this time,” said Matice.

The woman who owns a home that sits in front of the couple’s camper is believed to be Juan’s mother or grandmother.

Matice said she was there when law enforcement responded and she was trying to give him first aid.

“She is related, Mom or grandmother. I’m not sure,” said Matice.

The home is registered to Benita Zoco, this white truck, sitting nearby is also registered in Zoco’s name to that address.

“There’s a house and a couple campers on the property, I believe that other family members would come back and forth,” said Matice.

One neighbor reported hearing a man yelling, “No, no, not my baby,” this morning as police arrived.

Friends of the victim said the couple didn’t have any children.

They said she was sweet, easy going, friendly and liked to attend church regularly.

They are looking for answers as well.

Matice said they have not had a lot of reported law enforcement contact with the people on this property before.

They may know more about whether this will treated as homicide after an autopsy is completed Saturday.