Purse-Snatcher Arrested; Originally Booked On Unrelated Charges

Posted at 3:38 AM, May 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-24 15:00:22-04

crime-handcuffs-jail1FRUITPORT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (May 24, 2014)–Police have a suspect in custody that was found to be involved in a purse-snatching incident on May 18th.

According to police, the suspect stole the purse of a 65 year old woman in a Walmart Parking lot in Fruitport Township.

After an investigation, Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office authorized an arrest warrant for a 31 year old man from Muskegon Township. The suspect is reportedly a habitual offender. But as it turns out, the suspect had already been taken into custody by another Muskegon area police department for other unrelated charges. He is currently staying in the Muskegon County jail.

The suspect’s information is being with held at this time.