Car Crashes Into Home Sending One-Year-Old Inside The Home, Flying

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-17 09:37:00-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (May 16th, 2014) – An out-of-control car goes airborne then slams into a home in Grand Rapids with three people inside including a one-year-old girl.

Collynn Bengtsson was making dinner for his wife and daughter when he heard the crash.

“I just thought I heard a bomb explode,” Bengtsson said.

The impact of the car crashing into his home tossed his daughter through the air.

“She went flying in the air because a blast of air pushed her and landed in my wife’s lap next to her,” he said.

His daughter was checked out by EMS and appeared to be fine.

After realizing what happened Bengtsson ran outside to see half of the porch collapsed.  Bricks were in his front yard and a room just off the porch that was used for storage was gone.

“They obliterated my house,” he said.  “I can’t live here.  The police said it’s uninhabitable.”

Sgt. Doug Sinnema with the Grand Rapids Police Department said, “The gentleman that was driving, small cut on his head is all that happened.  It does not appear that drugs and alcohol were a factor.  He says he doesn’t remember what happened so we will look into a medical issue.”

While the damage to the house was the most severe, it was not the only thing hit along the way.

Witnesses said they could here tires squeal as the car turned from Hall Street to Cromwell.  Those witnesses then watched as the Lincoln jumped up on the sidewalk, crashed into a wood fence, continuing on, knocking over trash cans all the while gaining speed before ultimately crashing into the home.

Witnesses said it looked like the car was traveling at 70 miles an hour.

The driver was kept in the back of the police car for most of the clean-up Friday afternoon.  Police said he will likely be cited for the damage and will undergo a driving test.

The couple living in the home will be staying at a hotel while the house is inspected by city engineers.