‘She Scares Me,’ Murder Victim’s Roommate Speaks Out About Alleged Killer

Posted at 9:33 PM, May 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-09 08:38:50-04

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. (May 8, 2014) — For the first time, the roommate of a man who was killed in Newaygo County, is speaking out about the night his best friend was murdered.

Charles Rainey, 28, was fatally stabbed Monday night at his home in Ensley Township. Rainey shared the home with his girlfriend Tricia Hill and best friend Charles Anderson.

On Thursday, Hill was arrested for second-degree murder.

On Tuesday, Hill admitted to investigators and to FOX 17 that she stabbed Rainey out of self defense.

Anderson was at the home the night of the murder but said he didn’t see what happened. Anderson tells Fox 17 that the day began by doing a cold water challenge with his roommates.

“It was just a really good day and I don’t really remember what happened,” Anderson said. “I just don’t understand why anything could’ve led up to what happened. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Anderson said he went to sleep later that evening. When he woke up he learned his best friend was killed.

Anderson lived with the couple for two weeks in their Ensley Township home. But, said he also lived with them prior to that for about two years before the couple moved to Tennessee.

“I waited a year and a half for him to get back and talked to him every day,”Anderson said. “He said things here and there about his relationship not being the greatest and family finally got back up here [Michigan] and I only moved in two weeks ago and then now he’s gone.”

Anderson said he’s witnessed violent outbursts from Hill and that he worried something bad would happen to his friend.

“She’s scared me a few times and I have seen her be violent a few times,” Anderson said. “I was scared for his [Rainey’s] life honestly for a while. I was just scared. I didn’t’ know what could happen to him if nobody was there to help him.  You know…she scares me.”

Hill is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday. It’s the same day that the family plans to have a private funeral for Rainey.