Muskegon Heights Charter Parts Ways with Management Company

Posted at 8:16 PM, Apr 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-26 20:35:26-04

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (April 26, 2014) – Mosaica Education Inc. is parting ways with the Muskegon Heights charter school district.
District public information officer Kristin Tank says this is a mutual agreement that has been months in the making.

On Saturday, the charter school board voted to amend its contract with Mosaica from five years to two.  This means the contract ends on June 30.

Tank says low enrollment is one of the issues that led to the split, along with financial issues.

She adds that a new management company will now be brought in, but the current school board will stay the same.

Muskegon Heights charter board president Arthur Scott says the hope is that the new company will hire the staff who are currently employed by Mosaica to work in the district.

Financial issues recently led to state aid emergency advances in order to make payroll which had been delayed.

The separation agreement has also been approved by Mosaica’s board.