VIDEO: Little Boy Tries to Get Felony Charges Dropped

Posted at 7:15 PM, Apr 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-23 00:37:45-04

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. (April 22, 2014) — Eddy Hart, 8, was charged with two felonies on March 19th.

According to a police report obtained by FOX 17, Eddy assaulted an Allegan officer and damaged a camera in a cruiser.

Hart showed up to the Allegan City Police Department with $50 in hand. Police indicate that’s how much it costs to repair the camera.10011815_10152370595755540_5549664226401484194_o

Today, he and his family paid a visit to the department to rectify the situation and say “sorry.”

According to the police report, Eddy ran away from Hillside
Learning and Behavior Center on March 19th. It’s a school for children with special needs.

Eddy’s mother said he’s been diagnosed with ADHD and has anger issues.
She wants him tested for other disabilities and mental illness.

During the chase, a staff member caught up to the boy at a party store, a block away off of M-40. The staff member held him until a policeman arrived.

According the police report, school staff requested that the officer drive Eddy back to school. The officer said Eddy assaulted him, cursed at him, and broke a camera in the
back of the cruiser.

Robert Bluhm contacted FOX 17 about the incident. He said he’s engaged to Eddy’s mother.

“He has special needs, he has anger issues, they know this, and they’re going to throw him in the back of a cop car all by himself,” Bluhm said on Monday.

The Mickey Mouse fan’s feet can’t even reach the floor, and he’s already been charged with two felonies. He’s been charged with malicious destruction of police property and resisting and obstructing.

As he waited to speak with the chief of police, he chit-chatted with family.

“I’ll probably be in jail by then,” he uttered during a conversation about getting a truck.

Chief Rick Hoyer came out and the family went in for about 15 minutes.

FOX 17 spoke with the family after the meeting.

Bluhm said, “I asked him if maybe they could contact the prosecutors office and see if, ya know, may be they could speak on his behalf.”

“They say it’s pretty much out of there hands at this point. They accepted the apology. They understand. They understand that he knows he done wrong,” Bluhm explained.

Bluhm told Eddy, “You got to listen to ’em, don’t you?”

Eddy replied, “Mm, hmm. You listen to ’em, they’re cool.”

It’s a lesson, hopefully learned, for the 8-year-old.

The superintedent of Allegan schools said he believes staff followed the proper protocols.

Yesterday, prosecutor Frederick Anderson said he couldn’t comment on the case since Eddy is a minor. But Eddy must undergo continued counseling.
Then the court will determine whether or not to pursue the charges.

The family said it plans to visit the prosecutor some time this week to see if Eddy’s $50 payment will be accepted and if the charges can be dropped altogether.

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