Storm Barrels through Muskegon County Leaving Thousands with No Power and Damages

Posted at 4:57 PM, Apr 13, 2014

ROOSEVELT PARK, Mich. (April 13, 2014) – Thunder crackled, lightning lit the sky and then darkness.

“It was just like a train coming through,” said Rob Schaeffer, Roosevelt Park resident.

Neighbors in Roosevelt Park say it felt like the damage was done in five minutes. According to the National Weather Service, straight-line winds gusted at least 60 miles per hour across Muskegon County.

“It was really surreal. Everybody started coming outside of their house after the wind stopped and all of a sudden realizing how much damage had been done in such a short time. The other strange thing is you didn`t hear all of these trees falling,” explained Michele Brown, Roosevelt Park resident.

On Sunday morning, neighbors woke up to broken telephone poles, and even power lines on the ground and coiled into piles. Others smelled a gas leak that DTE contained on Princeton Road.

A few blocks over on Summit Avenue, one tree`s root system pulled up three slabs of sidewalk, other trees laid on top of homes, and then came the clean-up.

Darrel David said one tree caused major peak damage and holes in his roof. His wife and daughter were home when it happened but they said they didn`t hear the tree fall.

“I’m just glad nobody was hurt. Property can be rebuilt; people can`t be replaced,” said David.

Crews were out checking fallen lines. Officials said to stay at least 25-feet away and treat every wire and clump of debris like it’s a live power line.

“They need to be very conscious of their surroundings. Before you get out of your vehicle, make sure you`re not walking in any puddles that could be energized due to power lines being down,” stated Casey Rosenberg, a firefighter with the Norton Shores Fire Department.

It’s damage that neighbors say they’re thankful didn’t claim lives.