College Student Diagnosed With Cancer Following Car Accident

Posted at 10:06 AM, Apr 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-13 23:25:00-04

CARSON CITY, Mich. ( April 13, 2014) — A woman from Carson City has a car accident to thank for a rare cancer diagnosis.

After a few tests following the wreck, doctors found the illness that is usually not found until it’s too late. Medical professionals hope the head start on treatment will mean the difference between life and death for the college student.

“Life is short and I’d rather be living life instead of being in my bed all day crying,” said Alexie Schneider.

On the night of September 22, 2013, Alexie Schneider, 20,  was driving back to her school in Grand Rapids from Flint.

While on the phone with her boyfriend, she veered off the road and crashed into a guardrail.

Feeling remarkably well after the crash, doctors conducted a few tests just to make sure she was alright, and that’s when they discovered several tumors.

“They usually don’t catch it until you start having kidney failure and stuff. Usually when they catch this type of cancer, it’s usually too late,” said Alexie.

Alexie’s parents Cindy and John thought their daughter was in the clear, until doctors came in with the bad news.

“Well she has cancer, and I’m like cancer? Where did that come from?” Cindy Schneider recalled.

Since October, Alexie has had multiple surgeries, including having the tumors and 40 percent of her stomach removed.

For her parents, it’s been a emotional journey.

“Unreal. It’s like you are living a dream. You don’t know from day to day, and changes. You never know when you go to the doctor what you are going hear, and you are just like, oh my god,” said Cindy Schneider.

Doctors told the family that without the car accident, the rare liver cancer would have gone undetected, and Alexie would have only lived another eight months.

Alexie’s boyfriend Kevin has been alongside her during her treatment, and she said that he helps give her courage to keep fighting.

The family said that the car accident turned into a miracle, and will hopefully give Alexie another chance at life.

“I think she was being protected by her guardian angels and God because he said, it’s time. You need to do something with this,” said Cindy Schneider.

Alexie has another surgery this week. It is a procedure she had her doctor schedule early, so she could start a new college course in the beginning of May at Compass College of Cinematic Arts.