Chrysler Recalls 870k SUVs Due to Brake Issues

Posted at 8:41 AM, Apr 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-02 09:07:02-04

DETROIT, Mich. (April 2, 2014) — Chrysler has announced a recall of 867,795 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango sport-utility vehicles because corrosion can cause issues with the brake systems.

According to Bloomberg, Chrysler will install a shield to protect brake boosters from the water corrosion.  Models from production years 2011 through 2014 will be inspected.

The inspections began after customers complained about extremely firm brakes.

This recall comes after the expansive recalls from General Motors, in which 13 deaths are linked to faulty ignition switches.  The CEO of GM is testifying before congress this week in response to the on-going issues.