Mom Arrested For Breastfeeding And Drinking At Restaurant

Posted at 10:33 AM, Mar 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-28 10:33:44-04

CONWAY, AR – An Arkansas woman who was charged with endangering the
welfare of her child for breastfeeding after drinking alcohol in a restaurant. The charge was dropped last week, but the issue of breastfeeding and drinking – still a very real one.

Tasha Adams, 28, is a stay at home mother of three. With her baby in tow, she and her parents stopped for dinner in the nearby town of Conway . An off-duty waitress showed up early for an after hours staff meeting. Jackie Connors says, “There were two or three, um, drinks in front of her already, when I got there.”

Jackie, who has an infant daughter of her own consulted her own mom. Who told her to call police. Just after 11am police arrived at the restaurant.

“And they said, ma’am, um, we’ve got a report that you were drinking alcohol while breastfeeding. And I said, okay. I didn’t know that was illegal.” said mother Tasha Adams.

It isn’t illegal. The officers made a judgment call and arrested her for endangering the welfare of a child.

The district attorney recently dropped Tasha’s child endangerment charge. The waitress, Jackie Connors, was fired the week after calling the cops on Tasha.

“If I was ever in that situation again I would still do the same thing because that baby can’t speak up for itself.” said Jackie Connors.

“I’ll say it ’til the day I die. I’m, I was sober enough to breastfeed my
kid.” said Tasha Adams.