Ready For Another Arctic Blast?

Posted at 5:11 PM, Feb 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-24 10:16:18-05

WEST MICHIGAN (February 23, 2014) — I think all of us pretty much feel that this winter seems to be holding on forever. Record cold temperatures, Arctic outbreaks, polar plunges, the vortex, way above normal snow fall (sixth position right now for Grand Rapids), and yes,there’s more on the way!

I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator when he gets all banged up and says “I need a vacation.” I think Michigan needs a vacation from Mother Nature at this point. That said, we’ll have to put it on hold.

Another Arctic blast will settle in to the region this week and temperatures will struggle to stay in the teens by mid-week. Unfortunately, conditions will remain breezy much of this week too, which means wind chills will be running at/below zero much of the time.

We have the potential of breaking more records on Wednesday, February 26, for the coldest high temperature. In Grand Rapids, the record is 10 degrees, 12 in Muskegon, and 7 in Lansing. On Thursday, February 27, the records are 9 in Grand Rapids, 11 in Muskegon, and 10 in Lansing.

As it stands, Grand Rapids is in sixth place for the all time snowiest season ever, with 102.9 inches. We had only recorded 51.4 inches this time last year. A normal to average winter thus far would have yielded 62.5 inches. So we’re running a surplus of 40.4 inches.

We stand a very good chance to move up in the ratings, since we don’t need much more snow. Fifth place goes to the 1958-59 season with 104.8 inches. Fourth place was 2008-2009 with 104.9 inches. Third place was 2001-2002 season at 105.4 inches, and second place belongs to 2007-2008 with 107.1 inches. I see us making third or fourth place this week, and frankly we’ll probably end up in second place by the time this winter ins over.

The all time snowiest season ever occurred in the 1951-1952 season at 132.2 inches. We’ve got a ways to go to reach that mark!

The attached photo was submitted by Jason Canfield and snapped around the Grand Haven pier earlier this month. Keep in mind Lake Michigan ice has decreased substantially the last few days. Coast Guard and public safety officials say “stay off the ice.”

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