Dash Cam and 911 Audio of Deadly Trooper Involved Shooting

Posted at 7:35 PM, Feb 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-21 19:35:32-05

AMBER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (Feb. 21, 2014) — FOX 17 has uncovered the 911 audio tape and dash cam video of the deadly shooting of a former west Michigan teacher.

William Marble, 68, was shot in the chest by an Michigan State Police trooper after allegedly pointing a gun.

Audio records show an argument ensued between Marble and his wife Nancy, and the trooper waited outside the home while listening to the argument before knocking on the door. Within seconds of opening the door, the fatal shot was fired.

Dispatcher: “Hello?”

Nancy Marble: “Hello? There is something wrong with my phone.”

Dispatcher: “This is 911, do you have an emergency there?”

It was the night of January 14th in Amber Township. Nancy Marble made repeated calls to 911, saying her phone wasn’t working.

State Trooper: “Is she giving you any indication something is going on?”

Dispatcher: “Negative. She just kind of gets irate and starts yelling, and all we can get is phone problems and she hangs up.”

An argument between William Marble and his wife can be heard on the police cruiser dash cam video.William Marble can be heard making allegations that Nancy had a boyfriend.

After about five minutes of listening to the confrontation, the trooper knocks on the front door.

Nancy Marble: “There is a cop car at the door Bill!”

State Trooper: “How are you doing tonight?

Nancy: “I`m doing okay.”

State Trooper: “I know you guys have been having an argument.”

Nancy: “How do you know?”

State Trooper: “Because I’ve been standing outside your window long enough to listen to it.”

On the audio tape you can hear Marble entering the room, and according to MSP, he pointed a gun at the trooper.  You can hear Nancy screaming and gunshot, but Fox 17 chose not to air that portion of the recording.

State Trooper: “Shots fired.”

Dispatcher: “Clear. What kind of injuries?”

State Trooper: “One gunshot wound to the chest.”

Nancy then allegedly locks herself in a room, as more patrol cars are called to the scene.

State Trooper: “We have one female at least still inside the house. She won’t come out of her room.

Marble died from the single gun shot. He had retired in 2002 from Mason County Eastern Schools where he taught several subjects for 33 years.

The trooper who made the fatal shot has been cleared of any wrongdoing.