Arctic Air, Ice, Winter Allow For Some Fantastic Photo Ops

Posted at 6:04 PM, Feb 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-10 10:33:26-05

WEST MICHIGAN (February 9, 2014) — For years on FOX 17 we’ve been asking our viewers…all of you folks, to be our eyes. See a great photo opportunity, snap it and send it in(or post it on our Facebook page these days) so we can share it with the world.

Has anyone noticed that despite the Arctic blast, polar plunge, 78% ice coverage on the Great Lakes, and 92″ of snow in Grand Rapids and 108″ in Muskegon…the weather is making for some awesome photo opportunities for all of us? Our viewers have some keen eyes for snapping pics of things we ordinarily might not catch simply because we cannot be everywhere. In fact, the photo attached to this story had at least 3,200 likes in just one day and has been shared more than 5,000 times. It was taken at the Grand Haven Pier by Ann Teliczan, a professional photographer who operates the website What seems to be a giant icy wave on the right side of the photo is actually the lighthouse at the end of the pier completely iced over. Note that someone is standing about 100 feet off the pier in what would normally be way over their head in water.

We actually have several FOX 17 viewers that are professional photographers that allow us to use and showcase their awesome shots. We always try to share the photos we get in on a regular basis during one of our several hours of news either in the morning or P.M. casts. But remember, it’s not necessary to be a professional photographer. I’ve seen some absolutely fabulous shots over the past several years from everyday people. This particular winter has been a gold mine of opportunity for providing everyone with a camera the chance to get of  great shot of snow, ice, frozen water, skiing, or whatever!

In case you don’t remember there are several ways to get photos to us here at FOX 17.

1. Email

2. Email

3. Post them to the FOX 17 Facebook page

4. When using Twitter… #fox17snow or @FOX17

Due to volume we can’t show each and every one, but we make a pretty good effort to showcase plenty, and sometimes use them as thumbnails for stories or post them in a photo gallery (especially during events like blizzards/flooding/severe weather). I’ll say thanks in advance for now and keep those photos coming. You can always get the complete West Michigan forecast by going to You’ll find current temperatures, wind chills, satellite, radar, and the 7-day forecast.