Health Department Shuts Down 11-Year-Old’s Cupcake Business

Posted at 12:57 PM, Feb 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-06 12:57:27-05

TROY, Illinois (PIX11) (Feb,6 2014)— When the health department found out about Chloe Stirling, an 11-year-old who started her own cupcake business, they decided to shut her down.

The local newspaper from Chloe’s hometown, Troy, Illinois, reported on her cupcake venture. The Madison County Health Department then saw this, and quickly took legal action to stop the business. But why?

According to Chloe and her mom Heather Stirling, they were breaking several state regulations. Some of these regulations included not selling food from home to the public without a Madison County “certified kitchen.”


Photo: WGN

Chloe told affiliate WGN that she was hoping to save up for a car because her mother promised to match whatever she had made.

“She made Christmas tree cupcakes for a local nursing home,” her mom said. “She delivered them to the residents there;and while she was there somebody snapped a picture of her and sent it to the newspaper. So the newspaper’s original story was really supposed to be like a field good story. And it just caught the attention of the wrong people.”