Snow Days In West Michigan Keep Piling Up

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jan 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-29 19:38:49-05

HAMILTON, Mich.,–A number of kids across West Michigan were home for the third snow day this week, pushing several schools over the limit, including Hamilton Community Schools.

Superintendent David Tebo says it’s the blowing snow that’s become the biggest problem lately.

When I make a call it’s based on the safety of kids not whether or not we have to make up school days,” he said.

Several districts we spoke to are already over the 6 days or (30 hours) forgiven by the state, leaving some districts with already two to three days to make up.

“There are two schools of thought, do you add days at the end of year or you just add minutes. I’m not a minutes guy I don’t think its beneficial for kids,” said Tebo.

Right now in Lansing, legislators are working to bring back a version of a law last year, giving schools the option to lengthen the school day or even forgive some more time or days to minimize the make-up time.

Superintends we spoke to though say if those changes occur they likely wouldn’t happen till spring once the impact of snow days statewide is known.

“I’ll take it each day at a time and try to figure out a solution while balancing the needs of families and adults but keeping at core what’s best for kids education,” said Tebo.

Of course, every district is different and some of them have had to close for other reasons already this school year.