Personal Protection Order Filed By Thomas Blige’s Ex-Girlfriend

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jan 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-28 19:07:15-05

CALHOUN COUNTY, Mich. – It’s been five days since Thomas Blige, father of R&B superstar Mary J. Blige, was stabbed outside his home in Battle Creek.

His former girlfriend, Cheryl White, is charged with attempted murder. A detective handling the case said it happened after Blige confronted the woman for slashing his tires.

The Battle Creek Police Department said they’ve handled seven calls involving the couple since August, with six of those being domestic disputes.

In a biography about Mary J. Blige, she writes that her father was abusive with her mother when she was a child. She said her father had post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in the Vietnam War.

On Tuesday, new court documents obtained by FOX 17 reveal he may have had another relationship that was fueled by violence.

In 1997, another woman who claimed to be his live-in girlfriend at the time, filed a personal protection order.

It lists the following:

February- shaken by the arms, shoved to the ground.

June 13-tackeld, his knee put into my chest while he was sitting on me.

June 5-shoved me into the wall, telephoned police.

Prior to June 5-shoved me, hit me with the phone as I was trying to telephone police.

Then, things quieted down for a while. Until the year 2000 when the woman filed another PPO.

In this one she writes:

“On Friday, 1-7-00, Thomas ask for money. We argued until I gave-in. I gave Thomas 100.00, walked away and started yelling at myself to myself and stomping my way into the bedroom crying. Thomas came running into the bedroom jacked me up by my clothes thru (sic) me on the bed and put pressure on me with his knees holding my arms up above my head. This went on for about one hour with verbal abuses (sic) words along with spitting in the face and tell me “I could kill you right now.” I have been to Vietiman (sic) and I am just that way so you better humble me.”! As the week went on in hopes the (sic) he would admit himself into the VA hospital that didn’t take place. He continued thru (sic) the week asking for money. I felt I had to sleep with my money in my pillow case so that he didn’t take it. However he found a way by holding my (sic) down hovering over me until I would give in and hand over the money. On Thursday 1-13-00 in the am while getting ready for work, again asking for money he would follow me around trying to keep me in that room to “talk” I would say “I have no money please let me get ready for work.” As time passed thru a couple of pushes and shoves he left me alone, and I was able to leave the house and go to work. Coming home that night about 6:00 p.m. to discover Thomas had taken my little boys television and play station. I have not seen Thomas since 1-13-00 I do not know his where about. I changed the locks on the doors, put screws in the windows. However on 1-18-00 I came home to a break-in the bedroom window he did remove some of his belongings, eat, showered and rested. I did call the police!”

FOX 17 checked into Blige’s criminal background and found he has several charges, most of which involve fraud and larceny, but none of them involved assault.