Roads Crews Busy Clearing Side Roads, Snow Drifts in Allegan and Van Buren Counties

Posted at 9:01 PM, Jan 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-25 23:07:55-05

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. —  Plow crews spent Saturday attempting to clear the roads after heavy snowfall overnight.

Barry Rankin with the Allegan County Road Commission spent his day clearing the snow in Allegan county.

“We’ve been working a lot of overtime with this snow. Allegan tries to keep their roads up. They do a nice job,” said Rankin.

Snow drifts have been a big problem in both Allegan and Van Buren Counties, creating white-out conditions for drivers.

“We are basically keeping the primary roads open because it’s such a bad storm. We are concentrating on the high traffic, high volume areas. It’s about all we can do to keep them open with the wind and the amount of snow that we got,” said Rankin.

Rankin said he and others at the Allegan County Road Commission are proud of their work making the roads safer for members in the community.

“A stuck car in the road right now is a real dangerous situation when you can’t see. Someone might come along and run into them. None of the guys want to see anyone get hurt on any of their roads that they take care of because we take pride in keeping our roads safe,” said Rankin.

According to Rankin, this year has been extra tough to keep the snow off the roads. He said that this winter is one of the most extreme he’s ever seen.

When the snow finally stops falling, Rankin said the wind pushes it back onto the road, making his job seem endless.

“I plowed this road early this morning and you can see, you can’t even tell I was here,” said Rankin.