Expanded Replay Approved by Major League Baseball

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jan 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-16 16:36:59-05

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. — The team owners of Major League Baseball unanimously approved the expansion of instant replay beginning with the 2014 season.

Starting this season, managers will be able to appeal one play per game. If the play is overturned by the replay, the manager who requested the replay will be allowed to challenge one other play during the game. The maximum amount of challenges a manager can have per game is two.

Once the manager has exhausted his ability to challenge plays during the game and after the beginning of the seventh inning, the Crew Chief may choose to invoke instant replay on any reviewable call.  Home run and other boundary calls will remain reviewable under the procedures in place last season.

The types of plays that will be subject to review:

  • Home run
  • Ground rule double
  • Fan interference
  • Stadium boundary calls (e.g., fielder into stands, ball into stands triggering dead ball)
  • Force play (except the fielder’s touching of second base on a double play)
  • Tag play (including steals and pickoffs)
  • Fair/foul in outfield only
  • Trap play in outfield only
  • Batter hit by pitch
  • Timing play (whether a runner scores before a third out)
  • Touching a base (requires appeal)
  • Passing runners
  • Record keeping (Ball-strike count to a batter, outs, score, and substitutions)