Testimony: Dahlinger was “Smoking Crack” the Day of his Murder

Posted at 12:04 PM, Jan 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-15 18:12:50-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Dijana Kilic took the stand revealing her account of the day John Dahlinger was murdered, Wednesday.

At the continued preliminary hearing of Dahlingers accused murder Danyell Thomas, prosecutor Chris Becker revealed Kilic had made a plea agreement.  In exchange for her testimony, Kilic will serve one year in jail and 5 years on probation on charges of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

In her testimony today, Kilic revealed she met Dahlinger through a friend who had met him on

Kilc said Dahlinger was using crack in a Grand Rapids trailer park when she first met him.

At her second meeting with Dahlinger, Kilic says he offered her a job at a strip club he said he owned in Detroit.

In October, Kilic says Dahlinger contacted her through  She says she met him at a bar then left to go to a hotel with him after he paid her $300.

Kilic says Thomas text messaged her telling her to drug Dahlinger with Suboxone.

Kilic says she didn’t drug Dahlinger, they drank together while he did cocaine.

On the day of Dahlinger’s murder, October 16, Kilic says Thomas drove her to Dahlinger’s Grand Rapids home.  Kilic admits she initially lied to police, telling them a man named ‘Rico’ dropped her off.

She says he gave her a tour of his house and showed her a sex tape of his girlfriend and son.  Kilic says Dahlinger asked her if she would do the same for him.

She says he paid her $300 and she modeled some of his girlfriend’s underwear.

When Kilic told Dahlinger she needed more money if she was going to stay, he told her his son was going to drop it off.  Kilic says Dahlinger asked her if she would have sex with a man named ‘Maple’ and told her he wanted to watch.  Kilic says she told him no, and they left in Dahlinger’s car to go buy $200 worth of drugs from ‘Maple.’

Kilic says Dahlinger told her he was “really high” and took off his shirt.  She says he had been smoking crack and that he asked her to bring him heroin.

At that point, Kilic says Thomas text messaged her asking if she was getting paid.  She says she told him “no” and that Thomas said he was coming to the house.  Kilic says Thomas text messaged her asking if he should bring a gun and her response was, “yes.”

Kilic says when Thomas arrived at Dahlinger’s house he stormed into the bedroom demanding he pay “the rest of the money” while pointing the gun at both of them.  She says she was scared and ran away from the bedroom.  She says she heard Dahlinger say “I didn’t do anything,” then heard a gunshot.

Kilic says she then left the house with Thomas .  Thomas told her the shooting was an accident, that Dahlinger tried to grab the gun, and that his finger slipped.

Kilic says the two then went to Gun Lake Casino, she stayed in the car.  She says Thomas wanted to make his face seen at the casino, then left town to Traverse City.

Kilic says Thomas told her he threw the gun in the Muskegon River.

Kilic admits she’s a a prostitute.  But, says she never had sex with Dahlinger.

Danyell Thomas’ murder trial was bound over to circuit court.