Grand Rapids and The ‘Cold Coast’ Gain National Attention

Posted at 7:26 PM, Dec 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-11 21:21:10-05

FOX 17’s Jessica McMaster sets up camp in Grand Haven

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. – Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan’s ‘Gold Coast’ gained national attention after the website ‘Lonely Planet’ named them the number one destination spot in the United States.

With single-digit temperatures on the way, some people might not think of Grand Rapids and it’s shorelines as being a top destination spot. But, that didn’t stop us from topping the ranks, beating out places like Hawaii and Yosemite National Park.

FOX 17 stopped by Grand Haven to prove that, even though winter is creeping its way onto the shoreline, the destination is still a top place to visit.

“We’re covered in about a foot of snow right now,”  Marci Cisneros, Executive Director of the Grand Haven Visitor’s Bureau. “What’s great about that is people can get out and do lots of fun things: cross-country skiing, miles and miles of lit trail…we got Mulligan’s Hollow here, which is great so you can snowboard or downhill ski there.”

We spoke with some people in the area who told us what they think about the honor.

“Oh, this is wonderful. We got the wonderful sunsets…everything,” said Darlene Hudyna. “In the dead of winter the ice formations are incredible.”

We even spoke with a man who tells us he’s visited beaches across the nation, even Hawaii.

“It’s pretty good….been to Hawaii and the beaches weren’t all that great because of all the coral so the sands a lot better,” Terry Bekin said.

For those who want a little Hawaii in their lives during these cold months, turns out, Grand Haven can bring it to you.

“They have a luau tent, it’s a heated, festive tent where you can go and listen to some fun music,” Cisneros said.