Temperatures To Soar Briefly To 50 By Mid-Week

Posted at 5:20 PM, Dec 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-01 17:20:06-05

WEST MICHIGAN — After some cold days (well below the normal of 40) at the end of November and even some accumulating snow, temperatures are expected to make a brief, warm comeback as we head in to Wednesday. A warm front will lift through the state on Tuesday and create some clouds and perhaps some light rain showers or drizzle. Afterwards, the winds will increase and warm air will surge northward in to the Great Lakes from the south and west.

Despite the clouds and more rain showers on Wednesday, temperatures should have no problem getting to 50 across most of the area. However, the warm up will indeed be brief. Colder air lurking behind the front will have our temperatures cooler by Thursday with highs only in the mid 30s. The core of the really cold or Arctic air comes in over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday as high temperatures will stay locked in the 20s.

With readings that cold on the weekend, we have a chance at seeing some accumulating lake-effect snow across the area with a west/northwest wind. There are other factors that will also need to be in place like ample moisture and high inversion levels (that’s where the temperature actually warms with altitude). It’s still a little far away to pinpoint exactly how the event may unfold.

Average/normal highs for this time of year have us around 40 degrees. Our days continue to get shorter for about three more weeks until we reach the winter solstice, then we’ll start picking up daylight (slowly at first) as the Northern Hemisphere (that’s us) begins our winter and the Southern Hemisphere officially starts their summer. The attached photo was snagged off the Facebook page of Peggy Vreeland. She currently lives in South Carolina, but is originally from Michigan. Don’t know where it was snapped, but it sure does look nice!

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