Business Stores Breast Milk for Family Without Power

Posted at 10:47 PM, Nov 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-19 05:35:38-05

GEORGETOWN TWP, Mich. — From Newaygo to Van Buren County, workers have been trying to clean up and restore power to thousands.

The Meyer family is coping without power with a new baby.

Adrienne Meyer says she was hoping the power would be back on by Monday morning, but it never kicked back on. And as the dark hours continued and food in their freezer began to thaw, they realized they had a big problem.

“Our biggest concern was (the baby’s) milk, that’s all in the freezer,” Adrienne said.

They called around for a generator, but every store was sold out.  So they bought ice at a local store and desperately filled the freezer in their darkened home.

“We were using flashlights,” Andrienne said. “And my husband’s a hunter, so he has a headband with a flashlight, so that came in handy, and I was using candles.”

A store clerk noticed their numerous trips for ice, heard it was for the breast milk for the baby, and offered up the store’s freezer.

Just like so many other families in West Michigan dealing without power, the Meyers are also cleaning up from the storm, drying out their flooded basement.