Storms Uproot a Home, Knock Out Power in Kalamazoo County

Posted at 11:24 PM, Nov 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-17 23:27:39-05

KALAMAZOO County, Mich. — As high winds and heavy rain approached Kalamazoo County, Lisa Matthews said she had heard the storm warnings on television.

“Actually I was standing in the doorway looking outside as it started blowing the wind everywhere,” Matthews, a Kalamazoo resident recalled.

“The trees literally were bending all the way down to the ground so I shut the door. As soon as I shut the door, the whole front of the trailer started rocking and everything started blowing over,” she described.

Her mobile home near Douglas Avenue was uprooted. The tree that`s butted up to her trailer tipped over because of the wind. As a result, the Hillcrest Acres mobile home was lifted off of its foundation by the tree’s roots. Matthews was inside when it happened.

“I just wanted out. I thought it was going to cave on me,” Matthews said.

She escaped out the back door and had to see the place she’s called home for almost 6 years like she`d never seen it before.

“I don`t even know what I feel. I honestly couldn`t tell you,” Matthews said.

She added, “Gotta think positive, right? It happens for a reason. Who knows?”

Nearby West G Avenue was also in the storm’s path.  A large tree that was ripped from its roots blocked the road and several homes along the stretch were damaged and/or were without power.

According to Consumers Energy, more than 13,000 homes in Kalamazoo County lost power because of the storm.

In Portage, high winds knocked over a light pole into a busy Westnedge Avenue. The lights were still on and the pole blocked one lane of traffic. That forced drivers to slow down and go around it.

Portage police showed up to block the hazard.