Man Accused Of Kidnapping Hamilton Teen Brought Back To West MI To Face Charges

Posted at 6:19 PM, Oct 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-30 20:14:08-04

HAMILTON, Mich. — The California man accused of driving hundreds of miles to kidnap a young girl from Hamilton is behind bars in West Michigan tonight.

Arpin arrived in a secure vehicle Wednesday evening.

He was picked up on a kidnapping warrant from Missouri Wednesday and was brought back to Allegan County by detectives from West Michigan.

The teen’s family is grateful the man will now face justice.

“Allegan County has all my praise for saving my little sister and doing what they needed to do,” said Aimee Baker, Rachel’s older sister.

Aimee and Rachel’s mom Nancy watched with us as they escorted 34-year-old Arpin into the jail area in handcuffs.

It took Allegan County detectives under 24 hours to find and arrest Arpin, who made it all the way to Crestwood, Mo. with the 13-year-old.

The FBI and authorities there swooped in after they located his cell phone through GPS.

Rachel’s family said that Arpin had struck up a lengthy, secret online relationship with her and convinced Rachel that he was going to help her through some difficulties in her life.

Although her parents said she wasn’t allowed to use the internet at home, she had secretly been using her Nintendo Wii to get online. Then in early October, still unknown to the family, he allegedly drove to Hamilton to meet her in secret.

He even applied at the local Wal-Mart and went through orientation there as if he were going to stay in Michigan, according to Rachel’s family.

“Obviously his plans changed and he decided to leave the state,” said Capt. Frank Baker.

Since the plans included crossing state lines, the FBI got involved and he could be charged federally.

I’m just letting time take its course and let justice do what it needs to do and I’m just thankful my litter sister’s ok,” said Aimee.

Arpin is expected to be arraigned Thursday in Allegan County.