Helping Cancer Patients Through Martial Arts

Posted at 11:35 PM, Oct 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-19 23:35:27-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Gilda’s Club hosted an event using martial arts to help people cope with cancer called ‘Cut the Cancer,’ Saturday.

Martial arts of the Aikido Philosophy were developed specifically for people coping with cancer.

Patients use swords to “cut away their fears.”  The goal of the program is to help people fighting cancer apply martial arts techniques to their daily stresses.

“It helps people relax, coordinate mind and body to operate as one and to learn proper breathing techniques,” Tim Spies of the Aikido Resolutions Foundation said.

Cancer survivor Lisa Symons says Aikido has helped her in recovery, “It’s very empowering, the breathing and everything is very relaxing,” she continued, “It makes me not think about other things, it makes me just think about myself, my body and my health.”

You can find more information about the Aikido Resolutions Foundation on their website.