Development Plans Announced for Former Wyoming GM Stamping Plant

Posted at 8:23 AM, Oct 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-16 12:49:27-04

WYOMING, Mich.— Dozens of jobs could eventually come to the city of Wyoming as plans are announced to develop a portion of the land where the GM Stamping Plant once stood.

Located just off 131 on 36th Street in Wyoming, the area known as Site 36was a pretty convenient location for Kendall Electric. The land is where the former GM Stamping Plant used to sit before it closed in 2009.

Wyoming City Manager, Curtis Holt, says for only having possession of the 92 acres of land a little over a year, talks about what to turn it into have been extremely productive. And now, the first tenant is ready to build.

Kendall Electric is building a facility in what was a parking lot for the former GM facility so they’re going to build about 100 thousand square feet, $5 million investment on that parking lot that’s adjacent to Clay,” said Holt.

Kendall Electric is a supplier of electrical equipment and has offices throughout the state, including West Michigan.

They’re consolidating their Grand Rapids office in Wyoming, bringing with it about 90 employees.

“We’re glad to see the jobs remaining in the region and those workers to be here and part of our region,” said Holt.

Kendall Electric plans to open late 2014. Holt said he is also in talks with another tenant ready to build on that site. That announcement should come before the end of this year. While he won’t give a name, he said it will be a manufactuer.