More Charges Filed Against Couple Accused In State Trooper Shooting Death

Posted at 1:37 PM, Sep 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-25 13:37:31-04

couple2MANISTEE,Mich. — Eric And Sarah Knysz have now been charged in Manistee County. Eric Knysz was charged on September 24 with the following.

Count 1. Weapons-Firearms-Receiving And Concealing

Count 2. Weapons – Carrying Concealed

Count 3. Motor Vehicle-Unlawful Driving Away

Count 4. Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

Count 5. Weapons – Felony Firearm

Sarah Knysz was also charged with 1-count of Motor Vehicle-Unlawful Driving Away.

Eric Knysz is charged with homicide/murder of a police officer, which carries a life sentence without parole.

Other charges include felony firearms, carrying a concealed weapon and stealing a vehicle. And, because Knysz is an habitual offender, having been convicted of a 2008 home invasion, an habitual offender second offense charge was also added.

Knysz’s pregnant wife, Sarah is charged with accessory after the fact and stealing a vehicle. Both carry a five-year sentence.