Elk’s Lodge Shooting Victims Were All Friends, One A Young Mother Of Three

Posted at 7:23 PM, Sep 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-23 21:04:35-04

JalisaLoveMuskegon Police continue to investigate the triple-fatal shooting that happened at the Elk’s Charity Lodge on 149 Ottawa Street in Muskegon.

Four others were also injured, but are expected to recover.

Meanwhile, other patrons who were at the lodge that night are demanding justice.

“Every time we close our eyes, we see faces, and I don’t know where to go next,” said Marcus Shinal, a friend of the victims.

Marcus said he and his friends are having trouble sleeping at night after witnessing all the violence.

He was in a car with three other friends when the bullets started flying.

They survived by dropping to the floor of the vehicle.

He said the scene was like a horror movie.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” he said. “Every direction I turned, it was somebody injured.”

Marcus said the three victims, Dupree Barnes, Jacolby Brown and Jalisa Love, were all friends.

He said Dupree was found near the woods toward the back of the lodge, Jacolby was killed by the doors and Jalisa was shot, then run over by a vehicle trying to flee on the east side of the club.

“Cars crashing into each other, people tripping, just trying to save their lives,” said Marcus.

The victim’s friends say the party was supposed to memorialize  Julius Johnson, a 23-year-old man killed by a police officer a few years ago following an altercation.

However, Marcus said people who weren’t invited began showing up and violence broke out.

Police say the club has a history of hosting private parties that have gotten out of hand.

However, they haven’t released a list of those complaints yet.

The state liquor commission has past-reported violations at the lodge including the club being occupied after the legal hour, giving away alcohol, selling to minors,  selling alcohol to non-members or temporary members and selling to an intoxicated person.

Business owners nearby say there should be an investigation launched into what is really happening at the lodge.

Meanwhile, friends of the victims remain stunned at the violence. They say Jalisa Love was a mother of three, and her children will miss her dearly,

“They don’t have their momma no more,” said Janisha Carter, Jalisa’s friend. “It’ s not like they can just wake up and say ‘Hi’ to their mom anymore.”

The other young men had many loved ones and friends who were left behind as well, including Dupree’s grandmother.

“She put in too many years for someone to take her grandson from her,” said Marcus.

Police say they are still looking into how many people may have been involved in the shooting.

They have a person of interest in custody, Antonio Raglin.

Police said he was shot during the incident at the lodge and treated for his injuries.

Prosecutors are not charging him in connection to the shootings at this time, but police are saying they will be questioning him.

He is being charged with a number of felony weapons violations.