Raw Audio: 911 Call From Woman Passenger After Deadly Road Rage Shooting

Posted at 10:34 AM, Sep 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-20 15:17:10-04

Roadrage Shooting

IONIA,Mich. — Fox 17 has recieved the 911 calls from the night that a deadly road-rage incident left two men dead.

Listen to the audio below at your own risk.

There are still many questions to answer after two men shot and killed each other in Ionia following an apparent road rage incident Wednesday night. Police say both the men had concealed pistol licenses.

The shootout happened at 7 p.m. September 18 at the ‘Wonder Wash Car Wash’, at the corner of the Nash and Steele Street near M-66.

Ionia Public Safety have identified the two men as 43-year-old James Pullum and 56-year-old Robert Taylor. Detective Sgt. Cory McDiarmid says Taylor was following Pullum on Steele St. and that’s when Pullum pulled into the parking lot.

“When he noticed a vehicle that was very close to him he pulled into the car wash to let the vehicle pass or to go about his business at the car wash; we’re really not certain at this point,” he said.

That’s when police say the two men got out of their car and got into a verbal altercation before the shooting. Pullum did have two people in the car with him; friends say it was his mother and wife.