IOS 7 Is Here: A Whole New iPhone Experience

Posted at 1:31 PM, Sep 18, 2013

iPhone5s_Gld_iOS7_PRINTNEW YORK (CNNMoney) The new iphone operating system is the most substantial update in the software’s history. Apple not only added new features and functionality, but the company radically reinvented the six-year old operating system’s appearance.

For the most part, apple (aaplfortune 500) succeeded in making ios easier on the eyes and simpler to use. apple trimmed the fat where necessary and added some meat to areas that were lacking.

New look: the most noticeable difference in ios 7 is the design. Gone are the core apps that look like real-life objects. in their place is a far more modern, streamlined, flatter digital aesthetic.

Apple didn’t eliminate depth and texture altogether, but it redefined how it uses those effects. for instance, apple made some menus and features appear translucent, like a frosted sheet of glass. that not only provides a stylish touch, but it produces a layered effect to help visualize how different parts of an app are linked, and how they are separate.

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