Video: GVSU Takes Down Pendulum Statue After Several Students Ride It

Posted at 4:12 PM, Sep 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-18 00:02:56-04
[via Twitter, Vine, Snapchat]

[via Twitter, Vine, Snapchat]

ALLENDALE,Mich. —  According to Grand Valley State University officials, The Pendulum Statue was removed by the facilities dept on Tuesday for “safety reasons.”

The decision also comes after several students posted Vine videos parodying the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball music video.

According to Tim Thimmesch, head of facilities at GVSU, “The Pendulum” is a 42-inch steel ball with a spike and a 40- to 50-foot steel cable.

Thimmesch said students have been riding the ball way more than in the past, but would not comment on if it was tied to the Vines or the GVSU Wrecking Ball Twitter account.

No decision has been made yet on if it will be put back  Right now they’re doing an assessment of the “integrity of the installation” to determine those answers.

Dozens of students protested at the site of the wrecking ball Tuesday night.