Father Accused of Murdering Daughter Returns to Court

Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-16 23:28:53-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Deshawn Threats was back in court for his preliminary examination, Tuesday afternoon. The Grand Rapids man is accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter, Zaeyana, on August 14th.

The details revealed before the judge was just too much for the grandmother of Zaeyana Driggs-Threats to hear. What she heard forced her to walk out of the courtroom as the little girl’s injuries were being described.

The prosecutor talked about the injuries to Zaeyana’s forehead and the side of her face. Investigators say the baby died from blunt force trauma to the stomach.

In court, a timeline was also laid out. According the prosecutor, Threats was in the baby’s room last. The prosecutor said Zaeyana fell out of the bed around 1:15 a.m. Around 8:30 a.m., she was brought into the bathroom where she was limp.

However, the defense discussed how there was no blood on Threats’ clothes. The defense also mentioned that Threats and the child’s mother, Darci Driggs, performed CPR on the baby.

On the stand, Driggs was questioned about applying for a personal protection order against Threats. She claimed she was afraid that Threats would hurt their kids. When questioned about the ppo again, she said she was not concerned about Threats hurting the kids.

Janice White, the grandmother of one Threats other children, feels that Driggs was dishonest and contradicted herself on the stand numerous times today.

“She should be arrested too. Period. She should be locked up too just like him. Because they said she’s suspect. So how come she’s not locked up too?” White said.

“Whoever done that to that baby should be held accountable,” White said. “I don’t know. You don’t know. We don’t know. But god knows,” she added.

Court documents show that Zaeyana’s baby brother, Deshawn Threats Jr., was removed from the home following her murder. Investigators also found bruises on him. That caused them to look at Driggs as a possible suspect.

Through our own investigating, FOX 17 News has learned that Driggs is pregnant again. Through social media, she announced that she’s having a boy.

Threats also admitted that he and Driggs smoked marijuana several times a day, including the day Zaeyana died. A report also showed that Deshawn Jr. had drugs in his system at birth. The prelim adjourned for the day. The next court date has not been set.