Downtown Businesses In Albion Left To Clean Up After Storm

Posted at 8:04 PM, Sep 12, 2013

ALBION, Mich.,–People in Albion spent Thursday cleaning up after a storm tore through their city Wednesday. The National Weather Service says it was a ‘micro burst’ that caused the damage, a quick storm with heavy rain and winds in excess of 70mph.

One of the harder hit areas in the city was downtown. Roofs ripped from buildings, broken windows and signs torn from their store fronts.

Robert Lynn who owns a store downtown said the roof from a building across the street blew off and broke out some of his windows, he says he knows it could be worse though.

“One of the stores down the street got hit pretty hard and the owner came through here and said “you need anything let me know”, which his store was damaged way worse than ours, There is a real community effort,” said Lynn.

He’s talking about Bob Darling who owns another hardware store a block down. Darling says the wind ripped the roof off his building, leaving his store flooded.

“Everything is soaked, everything. Just have to wait for the insurance company and keep going. We have to do what we have to do people need us,” he said.