Hart Community Reacts to Loss of State Trooper

Posted at 2:27 PM, Sep 10, 2013

HART, Mich.– As word spread throughout the day of Trooper Paul Butterfield`s tragic passing, people from around Hart came to the State Police Post where he worked to pay their respects. Some even left flowers on the hood of all the squad vehicles in the parking lot.

It was no longer a typical work day for law enforcement. The flags were lowered in remembrance of their fallen brother.

The Hart Police Department was very shaken up. They honored Trooper Butterfield with a simple black band around their badges.

“Very sad day, very sad,” said Hart Police Chief, Dan Leimback. “It affects all departments and all officers no matter where you’re at.”

Debs Diner in downtown Hart, normally a popular spot for local law enforcement, was noticeably quieter Tuesday.

“It hits close to home,” said Debra Hanks. “Really close to home. It’s scary.’

Gina Mead remembers running into Trooper Butterfield on a couple of occasions. She said his demeanor was what really stood out.

“A lot of respect,” recalled Mead. “I’m an ex military and I really got that, a lot of respect, how he carried himself very well and always respectful.”